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Fasting and prayer

Fasting and praying is the founding programme of my ministry.

We regularly conduct fasting and praying every Friday of the week in the church premises where we have gathering of believer’s in thanksgiving praise and worship and for personal spiritual edification. Many people get deliverance from the bondage of Satan (Demonized people get delivered). And many unsaved except our Lord as their saviour.

Deliverance Ministry

Many Demonized people are delivered and saved throughthe ministry form time to time,

Many are the witness among as and the spirit of God moves mightily among all these families bringing all glory and honour to Jesus our saviour.


Many people including believer’s / Non-believers come and seek Godly counsel and indeed our Lord reveals his Devine plans to individual’s according to His purpose through prophecy, which is fulfilled accurately in due time resulting many to come closer to the Lord. In all His manifestation the name of Jesus is minified and glorified.

Cell Meetings

Conduct cell meetings every month for the families who are unable to travel long distance and cannotfellowship every week in or midst, Many families gather there and all are blessed and spiritually fed, here families gather from all church’s and other Christian denominations

Out Reach

Often I’m invited to preach the Word of God in different parts of the state and in open air conventions addressing nearly thousands of people and these people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Church Preaching.

Church’s invite to me to preach the Gospel to their congregation and indeed our lord is glorified in their midst.

Conduct women’s retreat especially to the women to encourage them to grow spiritually strong in the Lord, a vast gathering of women gather in the meetings and are blessed.

I am also encourage them to carry out their individual ministries to evangelize the gospel.

Women's Retreat

My name Catherine Moses founder of the THE HARVEST MINSTRY WORSHIP CENTER. I am a charismatic Christian who lives by sharing the gospel and extending the love of God.  The lord uses me as a practical Bible teacher and as a weapon In the hand of God who builds by many life’s by counselling the needy, praying for their deliverance of the people to be delivered from the bondage of Satan, curing the sick with powerful prayers and also travel extensively conducting conference’s thought out India and the foreign lands as an International speaker.

My husband Moses and I are parents of three children and, we live in Bangalore. I began to serve the lord in the year 1989 after a Devine revelation and Holy Spirit baptism from the lord and I dedicated my ministry as “The HARVEST MINISTRIES” in the year 1998. Now it has been nearly 28 years and the Lord is miraculously leading me and my family, Gory to his name.

Rev. Catherine Moses



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